MTI Equipment’s New Facility!

June 2019

MTI Facility Blog


Have you every moved your parents after they’ve lived in a house for 30 years…So much to sort through!  Things that brings back good memories, stuff you forgot you had, parts covered in dust you thought you’d use…I think you get the picture.


On April 13th, 2018 we got the okay to begin moving our large inventory of horizontal directional drills and equipment from two locations, that the company had occupied since it’s inception in 1986, to one brand new facility 30 minutes away in North Port, Florida.   We are all very proud and excited to be in our new facility and can’t wait to show each and every one of our customers around our new facility.  Until you can come and visit here are a couple pictures to show off the highlights.

MTI Facility Blog


“This is the world’s largest facility dedicated to refurbishing horizontal directional drills and HDD support equipment,” said Alain Trimble, president of the company.

“13 acres, almost 40,000 sqft under roof—all designed to help us accomplish our goal of being the most trusted supplier of used underground equipment in the world.”

MTI Facility Blog


The new location, conveniently located off I-75 at 2423 Commerce Parkway, features 26 service bays including dedicated space for service work, welding, fabrication, paint prep, a spray booth and more.

Customers will also benefit from state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor training areas where they can receive expert instruction on drill functions and the use of HDD locating equipment.


MTI Facility Blog


“Our new facility allows us continued growth in HDD and related support equipment, as well as the potential to expand our product

offering into other markets that serve the underground construction industry.” – Jeff Gabrielse, MTI Sales Manager



Our 80-point RE-HDD Certification process is what sets MTI apart from the rest of the industry and our new facilities will give us the resources to refine our processes and ensure our customers are a receiving the highest quality pre-owned directional drills on the market.