At MTI Equipment we provide personalized service and creative shipping solutions. Whether you would like to drive away with your directional drilling equipment or you’d like to have it delivered to you we will work with you to make it as convenient as possible. While you have the option of pickup or setting up shipping yourself, here is why you should allow us to handle it.

Shipping cargo overseas requires knowledge and a firm handle on both the domestic and the international requirements for moving oversized freight not only across the ocean but to and from the port successfully.

Reasonable Shipping Rates

Our Logistics team at MTI works hard to provide our customers with competitive shipping rates for both our domestic and international shipments. We endeavor to make the buying process as seamless as possible from the first time you enter our website to the first time you pull an MTI rig up the job site.

Container Service

Our logistics specialists will assess the volume needed to provide the optimal container for your equipment. Whether you require a 20-foot or 40-foot container, we will pack and load it efficiently and properly seal it for shipping.

Export Documentation:

Paperwork for an international shipment can be tricky and overwhelming. Let our international logistic specialists help you organize the documents required to get your equipment overseas and clear your goods through customs.

Below is a list of Documentation MTI will prepare for you.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • SLI and VGM Forms (filled out)
  • Validation Certificate for Self-Propelled Machines
  • Power of Attorney (needed for inspections)

Letter of Credit

We will work closely with your financial provider to make sure all the details of your letter of credit are spelled out correctly. Our logistics team will make sure to take any specifics into account when making shipping arrangements. When this information is not handled properly it can cause delays and frustration.

Marine Insurance

While we will make sure to pack and load your equipment safely and securely, protecting your new investment while in transit is important. MTI’s All-Risk Marine Insurance provides door-to-door coverage for your equipment, so it will be protected from the moment the equipment leaves our facility until it arrives at your door.

Packing Pallet Services

Your tooling will be traveling a long way so proper packing and wrapping is a must to prevent damage. We take care to use high-quality materials to wrap your items and secure them in boxes or cartons. Our experienced and knowledgeable logistics staff will also take care to get the right packaging materials for your shipment. For example, customs in certain countries require plastic pallets, while others require a pallet that has been certified as fumigated. Addressing these seemingly small details allows MTI to make the purchasing and shipping process worry free and saves our customers time, expense and frustration.

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