Jason Childs -

Ruskin Underground

(Google 5-Star Review)

My company has bought two drill rigs and a pair of F-5 locators. Both machines and locators ran great are still going strong. The staff is all friendly and helpful but Keith Magnussen has been our go-to guy for all our purchases. Terrific company and their new location is huge and easy to find.

John Herbert -

Fulton Hogan

In December 2017, I was in need of two drills to assist with a project in Melbourne Australia. After looking locally, I then started to look overseas. This is when I found MTI equipment in Florida. Immediately I was given multiple options to choose from, all of high quality. I traveled to Florida to inspect the rigs in early January and the rigs exceeded my expectations. The MTI staff were a great bunch of people who welcomed me and ensured that everything I needed during the visit I had. From the guys in the yard right through to the President of the company a genuinely great group of people. When I first contemplated moving two drill rigs halfway around the world, I thought that this would be extremely difficult and would present a multitude of issues. However, the MTI team were so professional and so sophisticated with their approach to the process that the rigs arrived on time and went straight to work. When we look to further expand on our drilling fleet our first call will be to the team at MTI equipment.

John Herbert ïOperations Manager – Water Power Gas | National Utilities ï Fulton Hogan ï 1 Greenhill Rd, Wayville 5034ï
Phone +61 8 8177 8500 ï Mobile +61 488 998 369ï

HDD Specialist
Canon Stahl

Murray Kightley -

Safebore, Inc.

This is Murray Kightley with SafeBore Inc. we are a directional drilling company just outside of Ottawa Ontario up here in beautiful Canada.

Over the past 10 years in business, my business partner and I have purchased many new machines, and tooling, and everything else that goes along with directional drill services.

However, six years ago or so, we found MTI equipment. After reading about all of their inventory and looking online, I made a call to a gentleman named Canon. They sell all sorts of different makes and models, of tooling, drills, electronics, etc. After speaking with Canon, we decided which directional drill unit we were going to purchase at that time. Now, of course, we had concerns about not seeing the equipment before spending a great deal of money to the USA. However, we went ahead and ordered our first piece of equipment from MTI equipment. I would like everyone to know, that once the equipment that was sent here to Canada, was delivered, it was not only well taken care of, well inspected, shipped on time and most importantly in the budget.

Since then, we have purchased five directional drills, many sets of electronics equipment that goes along with them, as well as fantastic, well-priced tooling.

I would like everyone to know that if they are dealing with MTI equipment, they are going to get the best service, the best products, and the best-personalized people to deal with.

Thanks again.

HDD Specialist
Canon Stahl

Kurt Ward -

Performance Cable Contracting, Inc.

Since purchasing our first MTI preowned drill in the fall of 2015, we have purchased an additional 5 drills over the past 4 years. The MTI team has proven to be second to none in providing solid, inspected, preowned directional drills that can be used on a job site with confidence. These guys have extensive drilling experience and knowledge which they readily share, particularly in deciding and recommending the make/model drill that we are in need of. Value and customer service make MTI a very respected go-to company in our day to day operations.

HDD Specialist
Canon Stahl

Miyer Martinez -

Perforaciones e Ingenieria

Job: Horizontal Directional drilling in rock. Installation of aqueduct network of 12” polyethylene. Total length 215 m. Yanacocha, Peru
Equipment Purchased: Ditch Witch JT4020AT & Support Equipment
Note: Thank you, Juan Correa, for selling a good machine to us and be always ready to meet our needs.

HDD Specialist
Juan Correa

Miyer Martinez -

Perforaciones e ingenieria

Location: Panama City, Panama
Job: Installation of fiber optic cable. 12 pipes of 4” x 255’ each
Equipment Purchased: JT2720AT & Support Equipment
Note: The JT2720AT horizontal drill and tooling, sold by Juan Correa of MTI Equipment, like always were perfect for this project.

HDD Specialist
Juan Correa

Bill Williams -

Williams Power & Signal LLC


Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the help in going over the equipment we purchased.  You have a top-notch organization.  Lee and Eric did an outstanding job too!  You are blessed to have such an outstanding team.


Bill Williams

Williams Power & Signal LLC

Jason Boland -

I’ve dealt with MTI over the last 13 years. I’ve bought three different drills from them a Vermeer D80x100, Vermeer D50x100 and my first drill was a Vermeer D24x40. I also got a couple of mixing systems, locate packages and reamers. They’ve always been very professional and have handled every need I’ve ever had. Even after the fact, the staff is very courteous, their mechanics are top-notch and very knowledgable, especially Tim. MTI has made every experience I’ve ever had there easy and have never skipped a beat. I would refer anybody looking to buy a drill to MTI and wouldn’t even hesitate. Thanks Bill and Tim for all the help over the years, top-notch!

HDD Specialist
Bill Hendricks

Lwany Sarabia -

MC Underground Utilities, LLC

I don’t do reviews, but after working with Juan for the second time I knew I had to. Making a purchase is a big investment and risk for my business. Juan’s professionalism and help throughout the whole process were outstanding. He always responded to every question or concern I had. The pictures & videos he sent me as an update reconfirmed I was making the right choice to go with MTI Equipment. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Thank you Juan & MTI Equipment

Lwany Sarabia

Vic Horn -

Black Gap, LLC

MTI has taken care of our equipment needs for over 4 years. I trust that when I call Canon, he will get me what I need and in a timely manner. His expertise and friendly, efficient customer service is what keeps me coming back to MTI. They are always my first call when it’s time to add to my fleet.

HDD Specialist
Canon Stahl

Jason Tucker -

J Tucker Company, Inc.

Our company has been in the underground business for 29 years. Last February I was looking to buy a new Ditch Witch JT10 drill. I found MTI equipment online and made the call on a drill I was interested in buying. I spoke with Bill Hendricks, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. I made a flight out to take a look and found that everything Bill had told me about the drill was true. I ended up buying the 2016 Ditch Witch JT9 with an FM5 mixing system, a new (DCI) Falcon F5 locator package and a new Felling trailer. I have since also purchased a 2017 Ditch Witch JT10 drill with an FM5 mixing system and locator package from Bill at MTI. I have been very pleased with the products I have purchased from MTI and would suggest if you are in the market for an HDD and the products they offer give MTI a call. Thanks to Bill Hendricks and MTI Equipment.

HDD Specialist
Bill Hendricks

Michael Rose -

Rose Grading

My name is Mike Rose. I a small drilling contractor in the Memphis Tn. area. I have had the pleasure of purchasing two directional drills from MTI. Bill Hendricks has always gone above and beyond to make sure any issues with my rigs were resolve. I am building my company on loyalty and MTI has the Best Customer Care that I have ever dealt with. They not only know the product they sell, Bill can usually tell me what to look for on the phone. The working knowledge of MTI and quality of work is far beyond others. I highly recommend MTI for all drilling equipment purchasing.

HDD Specialist
Bill Hendricks

David Lara -

Apex Directional Drilling

I am based out of California and was tired of local companies who treat you poorly. I did my research for about 6 months on companies across the United States to find a reliable source to buy drilling equipment. I spoke to my local competition who are friends and everyone hands down recommended MTI Equipment. The reasons included: They have very knowledgeable salespeople who have experience drilling, knowledge of equipment, will be honest, and won’t sell you the wrong equipment even if you think you know what you want. Once you’re educated by them you will be relieved that they have your business’s best interest in mind. They want to build a long term relationship to help you grow your business and will meet all your needs, not just sell you a machine and send you on your way.

I have bought and sold them drills and hydro-vac equipment with confidence. I have also gone through a stroke and almost died and they were there to support me like family as far as bending over backward to assist me through my crisis. They helped make things happen on my schedule without stress, allowing me to bounce back and have a stronger business. I can’t say enough good about them. I just recently bought a Vermeer D23x30 and will be buying a JT30 next…even in this time of the world falling apart, we need to keep pushing forward to keep the USA economy strong. Keep drilling, keep investing in equipment and we will get through these times. MTI Equipment is here like the military to keep us drilling no matter what it takes. My hats off their team, they motivate me, my family, and business to excel.

David Lara
Apex Directional Drill
Los Gatos, CA