At MTI we set ourselves apart from our competitors largely due to our RE-HDD process. Our RE-HDD Certified drills go through an 80 point inspection by our highly trained technicians and quality control experts. We created this process to make sure that you receive quality pre-owned HDD equipment that is truly ready to go to work.

The process starts with the 80 point inspection and function test. A work order is created. Next, our highly trained HDD technicians begin the refurbishing process, making any needed repairs to the following:

• Full Service-engine, hydraulics, air, fuel & grease
• Pressure test hydraulic system
• Engine performance test
• Drilling fluid system
• Breakout System
• Undercarriage/Track system
• Thrust/Pullback system
• Rotation system
• Rod loader system
• Electrical system
• And much more

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On-Site Test Facility

Each directional boring machine is put through a rigorous performance test by our Quality Control department. We recreate the conditions on your job site to ensure the drill will perform properly for you. Any additional items found during our performance test will be documented and repaired.

Quality Control then drills with the machine again in our test facility. We keep repeating these steps until the machine meets our RE-HDD certification standard.

We created the On-Site test facility to enhance your customer experience. You are invited to our facility to demo your next drill. Our HDD Specialists provide training in our test facility for both you and your crew. Our goal is to make sure that when you leave MTI Equipment you have the knowledge and tools needed to be successful.

We understand the busy life of an underground construction contractor. If you can’t make it to our facility, our HDD specialists do all they can to bring the MTI experience to you. We do this through good communication throughout the purchasing process. Your HDD specialist will send you a High Definition video of our final performance test so that you have peace of mind knowing your equipment is ready for your job site.

At MTI Equipment we provide personalized service and creative shipping solutions. Whether you would like to drive away with your directional drilling equipment or you’d like to have it delivered we will work with you to make it as convenient as possible. While you have the option of pickup or setting up shipping yourself, check out our shipping page to see why you should allow us to handle it, HERE.

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Pick up or delivery

Call MTI to finalize purchase and schedule when you want to pick up or have your order delivered to you.

Benefits of choosing MTI

At MTI®, we take every piece of equipment we sell through our 80 step process so we can take the risk out of buying used HDD equipment.

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Experienced Staff

Industry experts dedicated to taking the risk out of your buying preowned HDD equipment. Meet our team of experienced professionals.

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Your salesperson will be with you every step of the way during the buying process. Our sales team is there for you every step of the way.

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Every machine we buy is hand inspected to provide our customers with quality assurance. Our team of specialists focuses on quality products.

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Our mechanics will take a machine down to the frame, if need be, and rebuild all mechanical systems. Our mechanics are the industry’s best!

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MTI ships all over the world! We have shipped equipment to over 40 countries. If you have logistical questions, call us today.

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On-Site Test Facility

Each drill in tested and drilled with multiple times before it is delivered to your jobsite. Additionally, you the customer can come utilize our test facility to demo, compare and train on your next directional drill before you buy.